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Movie Review: “You’re Next”

by Lionsgate Films.

Category: Horror
I am going to start off by being thankful that the director decided not to use a lot of moving camera/ pov shots. Too many films do it now a days and I feel it is hard to watch.
The movie starts with a guy with no endurance and like most guys no a days, that can’t fulfill a women’s needs. The act lasts 20 seconds at best and you see boob. This is the only sex scene in the entire film besides a tease 3/4 of the way into the film. Of course the girl goes downstairs by herself and you get a first glimpse of the killers in the movie (which is just as the movie poster shows) a guy that is dressed like a member of “The Shield” (wrestling reference) with a, what looks to be plastic animal mask. Of course she dies and then the guy stumbles downstairs and he dies to!
Then onto the real story line.
The Davison’s are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary and are on their way to the middle of no where / i. e. a project house that he bought with his severance package as a military… administrator.
They show up to the house and the doors are unlocked and they do not even think about checking the house, instead they go on about their day unpacking and cleaning the house. The wife Aubrey (played by Barbara Crampton) hears a big thud upstairs and sees the chandelier rattle. What does the husband do. Tell’s her she’s crazy (which you find out soon she is on meds) and to go wait outside while he checks, even though she thinks that they should leave. He is on the verge of finding one of the bad guys in the story when the older son shows up and scares him half to death and then, he just stops looking and goes about their night…… really?!
So let’s get this straight? You do not check your UNLOCKED house upon arrival (that was supposed to be locked), and then your wife tells you somethings up, and you do not fully check either? Whatever let’s go meet the family and have dinner.
They have three sons: Oldest and the douche, “Drake” (played by Joe Swanberg), Middle son and squeamish wuss “Crispian” (played by AJ Bowen), and youngest son- the I don’t care guy “Felix” ( played by Nicholas Tucci). Did I mention the overly hyper and loving daughter “Aimee” (played by Amy Seimetz).
They also are all accompanied by their girlfriends: “Kelly” the nay-saying douche (played by Margaret Laney – w/Drake), “Erin” the saving grace, female badass (Played by Sharni Vinson- w/ Crispian), and “Zee” the straight edge don’t give a damn chick.
Oh and I forgot about Tariq, the independent film maker (w/ Aimee). Reason I forgot about him is that he gets taken out in a matter of minutes and we are off!
Everyone in this movie looses their composure immediately besides Erin who is the saving grace of this movie. Why do I say that? If she was not in this movie then it would have been over in a matter of minutes.
Wait…What? What happened to everyone.
Well the whole movie was a pre-meditated attack on the family, the house was rigged and traps in place. Well not really, but there was at least one trap (which is really good and didn’t see it coming) and the bad guys known as “Lamb, Tiger and Fox mask” waiting on them inside the house. Guess you feel kind of stupid not listening to the wife now! The family gets picked off like flies with crossbows, traps, and old fashioned axes and machetes. A lot of these were predictable and once again was a product of a very very stupid family.
The only chance this family has (Erin) took a beating, but took much more from the killers. We learn that she was raised on a survival camp as a kid before getting to the states and hooking up with Crispian, who runs off to find help 1/4 of the way in and we do not see him again….
So what can I tell you about the end to not give it away until the full review is released?
Erin kicks ass and she takes people out and is a bit sadistic at times. The last ones alive are Felix and Zee who end up staying alive most the time until they get taken out, only after Zee tries to have sex with Felix on top of their dead mom in the bed she was murdered in.
But the ending I don’t know about… it had a great build up, but every time you thought it was going to happen and should have… it didn’t.
I will explain after everyone has a chance to see the movie!
I must say overall this film was enjoyable to watch. I really would not call it a scary movie though, nor did I find it too graphic for the genre.
There were only 2 parts that really should make you jump.
I give the film a solid   B
~Jason Taylor
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