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Where were you the day Microsoft gave the United States so much hope for the future of Xbox One?  The fanboys swooned at the beckon call of the Bill Gate’s army, in the future of Xbox One. They said they would beat Sony PS4 once they released worldwide, and even threw a fantastic Live Stream event from Japan locations showing the outpour from consumers in Japan. They all wanted to get their hands on the Xbox One! Right? …

sv3hn4l2tyke1pssq57wJapan finally got the console (nine months after it hit shelves in North America, Europe and Australasia), but the usual enthusiastic crowds that greet big launches in Japan were absent on Thursday morning. Ultimately we’ll have to wait for next Wednesday with the release of the Media Create charts to know how the Xbox One’s Japanese launch is really going, but keep in mind that the Xbox 360 only sold about 50,000 systems of the initial 160,000 shipped on release.

Xbox has been trailing badly for years in Japan. Japanese sales of Sony’s PlayStation 3 were 824,000 units in 2013, dwarfing the fewer than 200,000 Xbox 360 consoles. 

Microsoft says application software development and linguistic challenges are among the reasons behind the long lag in launching the Xbox One in Japan. The company said in April it had shipped more than five million of the consoles globally since it launched in November.

Sony said last month global sales of PlayStation 4 had surged past the 10 million mark in less than a year, a record for the Japanese giant, as Microsoft marketing official told AFP “the company expects sales will pick up as more titles are released towards the end of the year”. This mostly due to the release of the new Halo remake, among others. “We have high expectations as this (machine) is loaded with graphics that will surely satisfy game players,” he said.


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