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After some brutal weather of snow, ice and winds enough to please only the cold at heart. We are back from Magfest 2014 in one piece! Can’t say as much for our poor truck that is currently in the shop getting looked at. Let’s hope for the best.

What is happening in our world these days.. Well the curse of the DRM is really getting annoying fast. Not just from us, but our friends in ScrewAttack are having similar issues! Made for some great stories at Magfest, but still… Why do we pay for content and games that we can not use without internet!

More results from the console wars are in. Looks like Sony’s PS4 has managed a 1.5 million unit sales lead over the Microsoft’s XB1. with Nintendo a far glimmer behind at 2 million (in their first 2 months of sales). NGA begs the question of supply and demand. In that Sony has not been able to keep up with. There are many consumers that are still trying to get their hands on PS4’s and simply can not, but there are XB1’s almost everywhere. So if Sony could have produced more, would the margin be even bigger? We tend to think so. But the systems lives are just beginning and Neither system really have any games that I would write home about yet. Let’s see how 2014 shakes out.

Burn Notice

Burn Notice

a Veteran gamer of over 25 years. Non-Competitive. Grew up all over the country in a military family. Along the way learned that video games and sports were my outlets. After creating A&G Ohio (now A&G Con) and distancing myself from undesirables, NGA was created alongside of Javier Guevara. After years of touring the country with my extended family I find myself spending a majority of my time either on the road, fixing vehicles, consoles, or handling business deals. Helped NGA Inc. form in 2012 into a non profit organization and consumed A&G, NerdPow!, and Cutie Mark Con in 2013. In 2014 I have been focusing a lot of energy into creating NGA's first Video Game as well as 2 movies! My love for video games: Platformers and Story based games. Favorites: Assassins Creed Series. *I have finished all the series within 2-3 days with a 95% or higher. Raving Rabbids Kinnect, Rock Band, Taiko NoTatsujin to name a few. Favorite Movies: The Prestige, Gone in 60 Seconds, and anything Mel Brooks and Jim Carrey. Love for gaming is only outlasted by my love of FOOD and giving back! The more charity events the better!

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