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The Tap House
801 Eye Street, Washington, DC 20001


Throughout our travels we periodically get the opportunity to go out on the weekend as a group and catch a bite to eat with friends. We accidentally ended up at the “Tap House” instead of “Brew Tap and Shake,” due to Ken’s inability to handle a map.

We showed up around Friday at 10pm. Normal time for any grill and bar to be great, that is open until 2am… Right? Nope!

Conveniently located next to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The Tap House house a nice look that stands out from the rest of the block. The inside is clean, but the design is a bit flawed. This due to the placement of main aisle ways leading to the dining tables being small and the over crowded bar. That was also hard to get to, due to rails and tables.
The server that showed up to the table (of 6 people) after 8+ minutes of waiting and offered to get drinks for another server that was busy. When in fact there were only around 6 tables in the dining area in use. No big deal. Being the first time to this establishment we needed some guidance and feedback and the server was very short with us. Did not help that he was about as loud as a chihuahua and you could not hear him. The guy ended up being our waiter after all as no one else ever visited the table at all. Besides the General Manager who wanted to tell us more about his life story about his work in casual dining and how he wanted to be in “fine dining.”

The menu was very limited and the server seemed to know nothing about it. Ken asked about a shake that was from the other restaurant (that he was supposed to guide us to) and the server said “oh, we don’t do that no more.” Not even a , we don’t have anything like that. We waited over 30 minutes to get our food (A 3 bacon burgers- medium, brick oven pizza, and flatbread pizza.) and I can sum it up in one word. Flavorless.

The burgers had no seasoning on them at all, was prepared a bit too rare, and the bacon was thin and did not even have flavor, and undercooked / not crispy at all. The pizzas… were not much better. The sauce was very bland, and the lack of toppings on the them did not help matters any. I can clearly say that the best thing with the meals were the French Fries.

There were also menus on the dinner menu that we were told while trying to order were told “oh we don’t do those during the weekend.” … What?!

The Tap House has a great selection of beers. The temperature was just right, but the warm glasses were a turn off. The best one that the whole table agreed on was the “Dreamweaver” a banana flavored concoction of epic proportions. As well as a personal favorite of mine (from other bars) “Weihenstephaner Hefeweiss.” They also have a good selection of whiskey.

Hopefully they have yours in stock though, as we had to be asked 5-6 times to change our order due to availability! We also had a beer delivered that ended up not being ours (already 1/2 way consumed) and the server came over and told him that it was not his and just took it away!

Being ignored, no refills (for long periods of time), not being able to hear the waiter and finally getting food that was sub par. This is not what we expected from an upscale establishment. To top it all off they cleared the food that was still being consumed. When brought up to the manager, he kind of rode it off and decided that another round of beers would be the solution to this horrible dinner. Nice guy though.

Tap House, just Tap Out!
2 out of 10. 

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