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Platform(s): WiiU

Developer(s): Nintendo EAD Group No. 2

Publisher(s): Nintendo

Genre: Level Editor/Platform

Beginning in the Fall of 1985, what started as a humble platform game starring an Italian plumber  has become the official mascot of Nintendo. After 30 years of running, jumping and continuously saving Princess Peach, Mario continue to charm the Nintendo console by creating enchanting levels and memorable characters that can be adored by everybody. And, as of September 11, 2015, Nintendo added another installment to the franchise: Super Mario Maker.

Have you ever played a Mario game and had a desired to create your own level? Well, in this installment, you are finally able to create your own level from scratch. From the background paper to the placement of coins to the very mechanism of platforms and enemies, Super Mario Maker presents inspiring level designers with the tools and instructions on creating their ideal level to broadcast to the world. However, the game doesn’t have some rules that has to be followed.

Each level can be increased in length but each component for the level isn’t infinite – there are limits to each component that can be used. In addition, more components are added to the list after meeting certain criteria or downloading updates. When using each component, designers will soon learn that they have complete control over every aspect of their process.

However, the most defining feature of the game is regarding the online gameplay. Anybody can play anybody’s uploaded level as long as a wireless connection is enabled. The variety of the levels that has been displayed is amazing but there is one rule that they have: YOU have to be able to beat YOUR OWN level before you can upload it to the server. That means designers post an unbeatable level  and ruin the fun for other people. Fellow designers can even award levels with stars if they found it to be fun and challenging.

It’s interesting to notice that Super Mario Maker, in my opinion, doesn’t really have any weaknesses. The directions are clear and precise; the content and experience is enriching and the online is rewarding. This is indeed a prefect game. A 10 out of 10

Blackie Chan

A graceful gaymer with over 20 years of gaming under his belt with pure dedication towards his fellow gaymers and gamers, alike. After being introduced to gaming via his mother, Mr. Chan exhibit an adaptable nature when it came down to playing. Being clear that he was born to strive in the virtual world, Mr. Chan spends most of his time playing a variety of games ranging from RPGs (his favorite genre) to FPSs (something he's not too familiar with only to farther educate himself in the ever-growing and ever-changing community. Outside of gaming, Mr. Chan is also a comic and science fiction nerd who loves reading, writing and hearing a good story.

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