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So, I picked up Sunset Overdrive a couple of weeks ago. Finally sat down with it the other day, and was immediately hit with a couple of waves of nostalgia. The game plays like a combination of Jet Set Radio Future, Crackdown, and Tony Hawk’s Underground.  The game intentionally does not take itself seriously, so if you are looking for a serious game, avoid this one. On the other hand, if you just want a fun, irreverant good time, you should pick up Sunset Overdrive.  The tutorial has you helping cook up energy drinks for “research purposes”, and the early game is loaded with Breaking Bad references. The voice acting is phenomenal, the gameplay is silly and refreshing. However, the storyline itself could use some work, feeling like the same regurgitated crap, “Disaster Happens, your survive disaster, must destroy people changed by disaster.” The weapons are silly and fun, even dying can be fun, as you are resurrected with a weird scene each time, and they are all pop-culture shout-outs. The game is at it’s core fun, but only in small doses. Pick it up if you can only play for about 45 minutes to a half an hour at a time. This is an ideal bite-sized game.

Pros –
Crazy, wild romp through a happier apocalypse.
Crazy stunts and guns.
Very customizable character appearance
Cons –
No real storyline
Often too silly

Rating –  7.5/10

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