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This press conference was ridiculous. Everyone online was doubting Sony had anything to compete against the upcoming Microsoft threat, and boy were they wrong.

Sony opened up the show with an Orchestra performance led by God of War composer! This led into the gameplay footage for PS4 God of War.
With the ball rolling Sony did not let up. Next they brought out video of new IP “Days Gone,” and followed it up with a release date for Last Guardian! That date is October 25, 2016 FYI!!

Next they went to another Sony IP. Horizon Zero Dawn. The new gameplay footage was amazing. Hacking robot bulls, giant mech giraffes, and the amazing tools at your disposal in your arsenal makes this amazing.

Next up was Life is Strange creators QuanticDreams, with their new IP “Detroit.” If you like Life is Strange, then it looks like you are going to want this game day 1! It clearly expands on everything great and blows it up!

Afterwards Sony pulled a total curveball and did an amazing job with a 15 minute VR package! How do you start it? Well none other than Resident Evil 7! Then followed it up with Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing Missions VR, Arkham Batman VR, and a Final Fantasy XV VR! Sony releases Playstation VR, October 13, 2016. For $399 along with 50 games with VR capability.

Then Sony put out a great gameplay package for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Followed by the announcement of remakes of….
CRASH BANDICOOT! Including Crash in the next Skylanders Imaginators.

Star Wars the Force Awakens LEGO game video and then we welcomed Kojima back to the E3 Stage with an amazing entrance! Not only was he there, but announced a new IP! Titled “Death Stranding,” starring Norman Reddus!

Capped off with an exclusive Spiderman PS4 title and then a live gameplay for “Days Gone.” I have to mention that it reminds me of a lot of “The Last of Us,” but does an amazing job handling the ridiculous amounts of zombies with zero slow down.

Sony had no down time. No slow down. Had everyone on the edge of their seats, and made and hour and a half seem like thirty minutes! So many new titles, revamps of old IPs, and releasing the information for PS VR by letting the games do the talking. I give the Sony conference an A++ Rating!
Though I would have liked to hear a bit more about the new PS4, but I can live without it.

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