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son    It is known to the majority of our friends and fans that I am a huge comic book fan. So when the opportunity came up for me to review DC Comics’ newest animated film, “Son of Batman”, I leapt on it voraciously. After reviewing it, I was left with that feeling you get when you leave the house to go get steak, only to discover the steakhouse is closed, and you have to settle for a hamburger from your favorite fast food drive thru. That is to say, I had hoped for something better, but what I got was still pretty good.


The first time through, the only things I could concentrate on were how forced the voices for Deathstroke and Ra’s al-Ghul were, and how whiny and petulant Damien’s voice was. However, after a subsequent viewing, and rereading my collection of New 52 Batman and Robin comics, I see that Damien’s voice fits him perfectly. Much of the other voice acting felt forced or stilted. However the overall story, a boy being thrust into a new life, seeking only to avenge the father figure he grew up with (his grandfather) and being forced to adapt to someone new’s rules, really resonated with me….well minus the vengeance part, anyway.
As with most animated DC features, “Son of Batman” is very well animated, the fight scenes are especially visibly stunning. During one particularly graphic one, it managed to elicit a cringe of pain, some whimpering and several “how is he still moving”s from the people in the room with me.
Short of the voice acting, I would say this is exactly what I have come to expect from the DCAU in recent years, and am eagerly anticipating “Batman: Assault on Arkham” later this year.


7/10 – Good writing, excellent animation, but stilted voice acting. Will still watch again.





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