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After the two hour premiere opening of Heroes Reborn, it continues to keep the ball rounding with their third episode, “Under the Mask”. So, how did it go…you tell me:

Noah is still trying to piece everything together which leads him to the hospital where he’s not greeted very warmly. It is, then, made realized that he had a hostile confrontation in the hospital where Claire was committed. After taking a look at the security footage, Noah came to the realization that Hiro Nakamura was with him and may have some answers to his questions. He later meets up with Molly Walker who isn’t too happy to see him which resulted in her being sent off to Renautas where it’s discovered what she was being used for: the focal point of E.P.I.C. so they can track and hunt down Evos all over the world – anywhere and anytime. This is good news. Now, Noah knows what Renautus is up to. But it still leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

But it doesn’t stop there, Carlos’s vendetta takes a dangerous turn after attracting too much attention to himself on one of his attempts for revenge. Things turn from bad to worse when he attempts to take down his brother’s murderer, an evo with super strength, with a bum rush tactics which resulted in a near death brawl and rescue on both occasions. It goes without saying that this El Vengador is in need of some serious training. On the plus side of it, he need manage to rescue a group of runaway evos before a band of dirty cops find them so it wasn’t a total loss.

Tommy’s segment is pretty brief but significant, nonetheless. After his “successful” favor for a friend, he is invited to a party. However, his mother isn’t too thrilled on the idea so Tommy teleports himself out of the room – much to his and his mother’s surprise. While at the party, Tommy is being watched by the same mysterious man and his mother has gotten sick of it. After learning the mysterious man was sent to protect Tommy, the mother isn’t convinced and tries to move Tommy, again. As you can imagine, things doesn’t go her way as they see all the traffic lights turn red and gets hit by a car, soon after.

Going back to Japan, Miko is confronted by a lobby of security guards after unsheathing her sword. While the security guards prove to be easy targets, Miko was ultimately defeated by a M. F. Harris, an evo. To make matters worse, when Ren distracts Harris so Miko can defeat him, the audience reveal that the man has the power of cloning via starfish physiology. In other words, you cut off a limb, he grows a new Harris. Fun, huh? Oh! And that sword…it’s Hiro’s (if you don’t remember)…just for future reference.

Finally, the vigilante couple plans their next move until something unexpected happened. Want to talk about irony? Luke Collins has just discovered he’s an evo with the power of radiation. In a way, he’s the very thing he’s hunting with his wife. It’s amazing how karma works.

The show ends with the same Artic girl still working on her powers and the audience is still trying to understand her part in the series. But I imagine that she’s going to be a very powerful piece to the puzzle.

A 9 out of 10. Great episode but it’s more of a building point.

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