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After five years of abandoning the faithful viewers with a promising cliffhanger, the critically acclaimed science fiction series, Heroes, makes it glorious comeback in a much needed spinoff, Heroes Reborn.

Heroes Reborn is described as a 13-episode “event miniseries’ that picks up a year after the events of a terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas during the Odessa Peace Summit, a peaceful gathering between humans and evolved humans, now called Evos. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, this tragic event became the catalyst for the numerous events that shapes the stories of this new cast. It’s safe to say, the writers are getting back to their roots with this series. So, let’s dive right in:

The two-part episode starts off with the death of a former Hero, Claire Bennet dubbed “The Cheerleader”, which was baffling to me since her power made it nearly impossible for her to die. As you can imagine, this put a vast amount of pain and grief on Noah Bennet (Jake Coleman), her father and the main source of learning what really happened on that fateful day. This can be problem for the viewers and Noah since he willfully had his memories erased by his former colleague, The Haitian….who later killed in self-defense. Accompanying him is Quentin Frady (Henry Zebrowski), a conspiracy theorist, who wants people to know the truth behind the tragedy and also find his sister, who was kidnapped in a prologue webseries entitled, “Dark Matter”. After some searching, getting off on thee wrong foot with each other and shooting, they finally realize that they need to find the only person that can help him put the pieces of the Noah’s lost memory together: Molly Walker.

Speaking of Molly Walker (Francesca Eastwood), she has grown up quite a bit since her involvement in the original series. However, she’s introduced in a rather unique way…on the run. That’s right…with the knowledge of her abilities made public she is being hunted by a new company called Renautas. This leads to her making some very bad choices including blackmailing and conning people which, ironically, resulted in her capture by Renautas. Not a lot is shown of her story in the first two episodes but you can bet she is a major piece of the puzzle.

Next to sail to Japan and meet Miko Otomo (Kiki Sukezane), a young Japanese woman who wants to find her father. This is actually my favorite story because it’s a mixture between fantasy and reality. How? Because she can use the Kensei sword (sounds familiar?) to transport herself to the video game Evernow  and become “Katana Girl”, a video game icon. Her power is linked to the sword allowing her to go back and forth in the game by unsheathing and sheathing the sword. She’s accompanied by Ren Shimosawa, a fellow gamer, who found her thanks to a code in a game. Things went south after witnessing her father being transported to a building that turns out to be Renautas. Coincidences…I think not.

Moving on to Tommy Clark (Robbie Kay), a teenager is forced to move around a lot because of his powers which isn’t know to viewers until much later…in the most heroic way possible. After inadvertently cheating death at a Evo Meeting, he makes a friend in his classmate, Emily, who helps him better understand his power after saving her from his attempted murderer by teleporting them before they do anything. After some experimenting, they deduces that his powers of Teleportation works by thinking of a place to send his target to making it far less dangerous then he first realize. Along the way, he’s being followed by a mysterious man with an undisclosed power that appears to be memory-related that seems to have the sole mission of protecting Tommy and his secret. The phase “Penny for your thoughts” is a dead giveaway. His segment of the story ends with a failed mission of making his now former tormentor’s abusive step father disappear. Strangely, his father does disappear thanks to the same mysterious man resulting Tommy making a new friend and keeping Tommy’s secret safe.

Next, we have Carlos Gutierres, a war veteran who is idolize by his nephew, Jose. Although it started off in a pretty funny and sexual way, his story is a slow to start but still full of impact since it revolves around a vigilante called El Vengador, another person who Jose idolize. After the death of his brother, Oscar, Carlos discovers the identity of El Vengador and decides pick up where he leaves off: conducting an underground railroad for evolved humans to get to Canada and out of Renautas radar. Too bad, El Vengador aka Oscar Gutierres made so many enemies along the way and Carlos is more focus on revenge than proceeding with his brother’s plan. Oh, and it’s also nice to point out that Jose is also an Evo with the power of phasing and his pastor has the power of transforming into smoke.

Finally, we got the tragic story of Luke Collins (Zachery Levi) and Joanne Collins (Judi Shekoni). This is, by far, the saddest story with a vicious after effect. After their son dies in the bombing, they go on a calculated murder rampage involving evolved humans as vigilantes. It’s interesting to see Zacchery Levi, who’s usually a good guy in his work, portray such a dark character. It also funny to see that their plan begins to unravel because of the hot-headed nature of his wife. For example, they missed a person at the Evo Meeting Massarce. Then, they get blindsighted by Tommy’s power of telportation. Finally, they steal Noah Bennet’s car with the files of all the evolved humans in the United States…this just screams madness and mayhem and I’m almost certain that it’s not going to go well for them.

The two episode special ends with a young girl trying to gain control over the elements as she senses that “it’s happening much faster than we thought, and that she can’t control it much longer.” I’m so bad in love with Heroes, again, and I can’t wait to see more it. One wish, though…don’t let it be just a ministries….it let be a full series, again.

I give the 2-hour premiere, a 10 out of 10.

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