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b6dihmcfc2cez9b6q0loPlaying Pokémon Go this week has proven to be pretty difficult thanks to a wide array of issues.Starting right from the get-go, given the lack of clarity from developer Niantic as to when the game would actually launch across various regions. Players were left guessing and frantically reloading their news feed on Wednesday in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, the game was out in that part of the world. Fans then started downloading other region’s copies of the game in hopes that it would work and also transfer/save their data upon the U.S. release.

Once the game officially launched for US gamers at 9PM EST, the servers got so overloaded that it was impossible for many people to try the game out. I was able to play for a total of five minutes before Pokémon Go started crashing or freezing on me, if it was able to get past the server issues at all.

Connectivity issues continue into the third day, as players found that the servers kept going up and down (mostly down, really.) For the most part, the average Pokémon Go fan didn’t get to actually play the game yesterday thanks to a combination of server issues, authentication problems, and general wonkiness of the app which includes No Pokémon, no landmarks, no gyms on the map!

Issues like this aren’t out of the ordinary, but for such a anticipated game to have so many issues and Niantic be mostly mum about what is going on, or when players can expect a fix. With no ETA,

What about the game play when it worked?
It feels kind of sparse. The game only allows you to do catch Pokemon (without any actual battle/skill), play in gym battles (once you reach level 5), and visit Poke’ Stops (which reset after 10-15 minutes and do not keep a log of where you have been, or push you to journey further)… when they actually work. There are no trading of Pokemon yet (even though hinted in videos), and there are really no instructions to the game period. Which is really frustrating when you don’t know wether or not it’s you or the game causing you to get wrecked in gym battles!

The game is very lack luster and a total battery killer. I currently have a 10,000mha battery and I feel sorry for everyone with their stock batteries (around 3,000mha)! You can probably look to achieve playtime (once issues are fixed) of 40 minutes max, before your battery is drained. We hope that things change and they add a lot more to this game and not just more Pokemon.

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