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Hey guys! I figured it would be fun to do a daily log regarding my shenanigans in Pokemon Go! Hope you enjoy! I’ve condensed the first 5 days here – but after today, I’ll be doing a daily update to the log. Enjoy!

pokemon-go-apk-squirtleTrainer’s Log – Day 1
Never thought in my lifetime that I would become a real life Pokemon trainer, but  here I am! I am starting out with Squirtle. There are a lot of grass types around here. I can’t figure out how to get shit from the Pokestops yet. Had a few pokemon appear in my car while driving, which scared the sh*t out of me.



raf,220x200,075,f,white_blue.u1Day 2
Paras was hanging out near the house, but ran off when I attempted to catch it. Don’t worry, you little shit, I’ll find you, and I’ll catch you! Joined a Team today – Team Mystic. Tried to take over a gym, but I was too far away. Lots of grass pokemon in the area. Guess I’ll catch them to beef up my own team.



250px-109KoffingDay 3
OMFG I found a Koffing yesterday. That’s all I care about.





50_pokemon__27_jolteon_by_megbeth-d89m9wrDay 4

Today, we went Pokemon hunting after work. Hit up a bunch of the local PokeStops for various items, and then drove around town looking for Pokemon to catch. Caught quite a few, and even though I didn’t keep them, transferring them out gains me an extra candy. Plus, I get to keep the stardust I got with them. The creepiest part of the hunt was driving through a cemetery not once, but twice, at 1 am. I’m sad though because even though we were there for the PokeStops, we didn’t see 1 Ghastly or Haunter! I got enough Eevee candy and powered my Eevee up enough to evolve him. I want a Vaporeon SO BADLY. But did I get Vaporeon? NNNNOOOOO….. I got a Flareon instead! Looks like I’ll have to continue on my quest for Vaporeon. I also got a Ponyta from an egg! We also tried to take over a few gyms… but the system was being glitchy, so we were unable to take them over. Looks like we’ll try again tomorrow.

img_1912Day 5
Bought a nice bike today so I can incubate all of these eggs. I have 9 eggs, and it’s helped that sometimes I can get an extra incubator from some of the PokeStops. I managed to hatch a Dratini and a Magikarp yesterday! I can’t believe how long it’ll take to Evolve Magikarp… 400 candies! Yikes! We went to the park yesterday and rode through some of the trails so that we could take over a few gyms and catch some more Pokemon. We caught a few Charmander – so I was excited for that! We also wanted to head over to the dam today to catch some water Pokemon. There’s a Psyduck over there, I just know it! Also met up with a few other trainers and talked some with them. Later in the evening, we went over to the local College and spent time at 4 PokeStops (they were so close you could nab all 4 at once!) and someone had put lures on ALL OF THEM. Caught a Hypno while I was there. We also took over 2 Gyms in the area – so suck it, Valor! Didn’t get to the Dam though, as it closes at dark, and we knew the park ranger was going to kick us out. Oh well. Tomorrow, it looks like we’ll hit up the dam with some lures, incense, and lucky eggs and see what we can catch! I was also able to evolve 2 more Eevees today, but to my disappointment, they turned into a Flareon and Jolteon. Looks like the quest for Vaporeon continues.