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Today, we went in search of more Pokemon (go figure, right?) We first went to the community center to go swimming, and then tried to take over the Team Valor gym that was there. We have been having a LOT of issues taking over other gyms – it either crashes and won’t let us into the gym, or we get the opponent’s pokemon down to 1 hp and it won’t let us do anything else. This has been VERY frustrating. Our pokemon are powerful enough to take the gyms, but the system just will not let us!
Screenshot_2016-07-10-22-22-14 We finally got over to the dam today, and of course, there were a TON of trainers there. That’s definitely the one thing that I like about this game – there are so many more people into catching pokemon and whatnot than I originally thought. We brought out bikes and decided to bike along the trails. While biking across the dam, we came across a Slowpoke (Yes!), some MagiKarp, a Goldeen, and my husband caught himself a Dratini! Biking the dam also hatched one of my eggs, and I got a Magmar! I also decided to bike home from the dam in an effort to hatch two more eggs (we live 3 miles from the dam, so this was no biggie). I noticed though that the distance counter works on and off. I should have been able to hatch both eggs I had incubating, but since it didn’t work properly, I wasn’t able to hatch either of them.
Once home, my husband and I decided to head over to the Gardens to get all the pokestops there. We walked the whole garden, and attempted to take over another Team Valor gym, but we ran into the same problems as before. So much to our dissatisfaction, we were unable to take ANOTHER gym. The good news though is that the gym that we were controlling was our for almost 48 hours! I was able to hatch both my eggs while there, and I got a Venonat and a Doduo.
I have had a LOT of people tell me how to get a Vaporeon. They claim if you have an Eevee that has swift, it’ll evolve into a Vaporeon. My Eevee had CP 400, so I decided to evolve it. It also had swift, so I prayed for a Vaporeon. NOPE. Another Flareon (CP 981). The hunt for Vaporeon continues.
I did go through an evolve some of my Pokemon though. I evolved my Venonat (Venomoth is CP 725), Oddish (Gloom is CP 565), and Nidoran Female (Nidorina is CP 495). I would like to evolve my Bellsprout (CP 335), but I don’t have quite enough candy to do so yet. I want more Oddish and Nidoran Females so I can power them up more as well before evolving them to their final forms.