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Modern Warfare 3
⦁    Only the ORIGINAL classes.
⦁    No Custom classes.
⦁    No Spectating
⦁    No Perks,
⦁    UAV is always on (FFA ONLY)
⦁    No Killstreaks
⦁    Maps TBD by size of FFA
⦁    2,500 points or 8 minutes

Modern Warfare 4v4
All rules are the same for team battles except for
⦁    UAV is OFF
⦁    Map TBD

Modern Warfare Search and Destroy
⦁    Round Length – 2.5 Minutes
⦁    Bomb Timer – 45 seconds
⦁    Plant Time – 7.5 seconds
⦁    Defuse Time – 7.5 seconds
⦁    Multi Bomb – Disabled
⦁    Score Limit – 4 points
⦁    Round Switch – Every Round

Halo 4
All of the required Settings are listed below. If a Setting is not listed below, it should not be changed from its default state.

Slayer Pro
⦁    Maps: Sollace, Adrift, Abandon, Haven or Ragnarok.
⦁    Score: 60 Kills (600 points) or 10 minutes
⦁    Settings: Slayer Pro
⦁    Weapons: No Plasma pistol or Bolt shots
⦁    Primary Weapon: DMR or BR
⦁    Side Weapon: None
⦁    Banned Abilities: Jet-Pack, Promethean, Holograms, Hard-Light, Regen Field.
⦁    No vehicles

General Settings
⦁    Privacy: Invite Only
⦁    Friendly Fire: Enabled
⦁    Betrayal Booting: Disabled
⦁    Team Changing: Not Allowed
⦁    Loadout Usage: Game Loadouts
⦁    Respawn Time: 5 seconds
⦁    Suicide Penalty: None
⦁    Death Cam: Disabled
⦁    Initial Ordanace: Enabled
⦁    Infinity Settings Minimum Timer: 120
⦁    Infinity Settings Maximum Timer: 120
⦁    Random ordanace: None
⦁    Ordanace Substitutions: Map Default



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