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Eveready Diner
90 Independent Way
Brewster, NY 10509 (off of Highway 9. )
(845) 279-9009

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While driving home from Connecticut, we were not all that hungry. We passed a great billboard that caught our eye and had to make a slight detour off of the highway and boy were we surprised.
Welcome to Eveready Diner. This location from the outside has a modern brick look with a classic diner touch, and before you even get close to the building has some fantastic smells coming from inside. This inside has almost a “Fallout” type of classic feel all the way down to their branded napkins. They had some amazing looking home made bagels, donughts and muffins out on display, but we decided to look over the menu. The menu has everything you could possibly want! Home made waffles with real fruit, or even ala-mode if you like it that way. Classic menu items that you do not see anywhere else like: Eggs Benedict, Monte Cristo, even lunch and diner items.
The taste test: Everyone ordered something different so that we could try as much as possible. I have to say that mine was the best. The Monte Cristo was fantastic. Not know what a Monte Cristo is? A Monte Cristo is a fried ham and cheese sandwich, a variation of the French croque-monsieur. Every Ready Diner’s Monte Cristo comes on a bed of home made French Toast! On a whim I tried it with some of the egg off of a Eggs Benedict and it made it even more fantastic!
The restaurant was spotless, even the restrooms. The theme was great. Food was spectacular. Server was great as well.
I give Everyready Diner an A+


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