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BDA Power A PRO EX Wired Controller for PS3

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The Pro EX Wired Controller for PlayStation 3 is wired for tournament play – and tuned for the best possible precision controls. The Pro EX features light-up buttons for easy gaming in any lighting conditions, as well as soft-touch grips for your comfort. With a unique analog-stick design and precision D-pad, the Pro EX raises your skill ceiling – accuracy and predictability reign supreme in many genres, like FPS, fighting, and action games.


My review:

This controller handles amazingly well, for about the first hour. If you are a recent convert from the Xbox 360 to the PS3, the controller will give a little bit of familiarity, since it behaves like a 360 controller, with the LEDs and all. After about 80 minutes of using the controller, I began to feel a pain in my thumb. Looking down i noticed it was a bit red, so I switched to the thumbstick from the pointy D-pad. The texture of the controller itself is engineered in such a way that it prevents the thumbs from becoming sweaty, and it is overall an amazing controller.



8/10 – Good controller, excellent response, very durable.





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