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Batman-Assault-on-ArkhamI know, everyone is super excited and waiting for a review of Guardians of the Galaxy. But, don’t worry, Burn Notice’s review of that is coming soon. For now, though, here is my review of Batman: Assault on Arkham. I really enjoyed the idea of a Batman flick with more emphasis on other characters, and the Suicide Squad contains some less used DC Villains, Like Killer Frost, Black Spider, and King Shark as well as two most DC fans are familiar with by now, Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn and Deadshot. Then there is The Wall… you know, Amanda Waller, a woman who is against the idea of superheroes in general, and the woman who has formed the Suicide Squad “a squad of degenerate villains with no hope for release.” On this mission they are to break -INTO- Arkham Asylum, and steal the cane of Edward Nygma, AKA The Riddler.

The Pros:

1. The voice acting is Stellar, almost what I grew to expect during Bruce Timm’s tenure with these animated features.
2. The movie is a deviation from DC’s norm, in both terms of language and sexual content.
3. As a prequel to the Arkham game series, it is very good, though there is an issue I will point out in the cons.
4. The animation is incredible, it was a joy to watch.

The Cons:

1. Some of the characters undergo very little development, and if you are not extremely familiar with the DC Universe, then the members of Suicide Squad may be unfamiliar to you, but it dumps them on you anyway.
2.Understandably, given it’s 1-hour, 20-minute runtime, but, the plot feels super rushed.
3. In Arkham Asylum, it is pointed out that there has never been a mass riot at Arkham which lead to inmates taking control, before the one happening in the game, and yet, that is what happens through a good 1/4 of the movie.
4. Giving Batman less screentime to develop the other characters was pretty cool at first, but then it came to feel like Batman was Godzilla in this year’s Godzilla remake.

Rating: 8 out of 10
Recommend: YES



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