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Today, we went in search of more Pokemon (go figure, right?) We first went to the community center to go swimming, and then tried to take over the Team Valor gym that was there. We have been having a LOT of issues taking over other gyms – it either crashes and won’t let us into the gym, or we get the opponent’s pokemon down to 1 hp and it won’t let us do anything else. This has been VERY frustrating. Our pokemon are powerful enough to take the gyms, but the system just will not let us! We finally got over to the dam today, and of course, there were a TON of trainers there. That’s definitely the one thing that I like about this game – there are so many more people into catching pokemon and whatnot than I originally thought. We brought out bikes and decided to bike […]

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Hey guys! I figured it would be fun to do a daily log regarding my shenanigans in Pokemon Go! Hope you enjoy! I’ve condensed the first 5 days here – but after today, I’ll be doing a daily update to the log. Enjoy! Trainer’s Log – Day 1 Never thought in my lifetime that I would become a real life Pokemon trainer, but  here I am! I am starting out with Squirtle. There are a lot of grass types around here. I can’t figure out how to get shit from the Pokestops yet. Had a few pokemon appear in my car while driving, which scared the sh*t out of me.     Day 2 Paras was hanging out near the house, but ran off when I attempted to catch it. Don’t worry, you little shit, I’ll find you, and I’ll catch you! Joined a Team today – Team Mystic. Tried to […]

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Playing Pokémon Go this week has proven to be pretty difficult thanks to a wide array of issues.Starting right from the get-go, given the lack of clarity from developer Niantic as to when the game would actually launch across various regions. Players were left guessing and frantically reloading their news feed on Wednesday in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, the game was out in that part of the world. Fans then started downloading other region’s copies of the game in hopes that it would work and also transfer/save their data upon the U.S. release. Once the game officially launched for US gamers at 9PM EST, the servers got so overloaded that it was impossible for many people to try the game out. I was able to play for a total of five minutes before Pokémon Go started crashing or freezing on me, if it was able to get past the server issues at […]