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This press conference was ridiculous. Everyone online was doubting Sony had anything to compete against the upcoming Microsoft threat, and boy were they wrong. Sony opened up the show with an Orchestra performance led by God of War composer! This led into the gameplay footage for PS4 God of War. With the ball rolling Sony did not let up. Next they brought out video of new IP “Days Gone,” and followed it up with a release date for Last Guardian! That date is October 25, 2016 FYI!! Next they went to another Sony IP. Horizon Zero Dawn. The new gameplay footage was amazing. Hacking robot bulls, giant mech giraffes, and the amazing tools at your disposal in your arsenal makes this amazing. Next up was Life is Strange creators QuanticDreams, with their new IP “Detroit.” If you like Life is Strange, then it looks like you are going to want […]

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Returning to Ubisoft Press Conference is the beautiful and talented Aisha Tyler. As far as hosts go, she is fantastic and top tier. The conference itself was good. Lots of games, and a few new details that were not released prior to the show. The pacing was good and everyone seemed genuinely excited about their products. Overall the Conference’s theme is Open World Multiplayer and they stuck to. I give the presentation a A-. I would love to give more, but there was nothing really new that we didn’t know was coming from Ubisoft. No onwards to the games! You got the games you knew what was going to have. Just Dance, The Division, Ghost Recon, Watch Dogs, Trials, Grow Up, but a few gems hidden in there. The Division released not only one, but two expansions! Ghost Recon Wildlands looks like a multiplayer Metal Gear. Lots of variables and […]

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This year everyone was very excited for Microsofts press conference for Electronic Expo 2016. However this reviewer feels that the best he can give them is a solid B. It also puts a bad taste in gamers mouths and wallets as they tease both, Xbox One S, and the Xbox Two (Scorpio). This years showcase gave the complete degradation of its own IP. Why? Well for starters here is a short list: There are no console exclusive games- All games they are releasing are Both Windows and Xbox. Releasing a new Xbox System, while also announcing the replacement. Releasing peripherals that were stated to be completely customizable without buying new equipment. No need to buy a console. The outline point for the press conference was, Windows, Windows, Windows. This seemed more like a Windows presentation than a console one. All of the games released were exclusives of the Windows Family, […]