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Valve Issues Life Bans to Players Involved in Fixing Game’s Matches in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Nearly a year after a notorious scandal, Valve has clarified their stance on the punishment for match-fixing in pro Counter-Strike from indefinite to Permanent. Teams like iBuyPower, and Team Torqued—whose members were found to have participated in a major match-fixing conspiracy in early 2015, rendering their name retroactively hilarious—languishing in “indefinite” time-out, Valve finally handed down a definitive verdict. In short, if anyone has been found guilty of match-fixing or is found guilty in the future, they’re out. Forever. Valve wrote: “Back in January and early February 2015 we took action after we discovered that a small number of professional CS:GO players were engaged in match-fixing. Our decision was to ban these players indefinitely from involvement in Valve-sponsored events. To clarify, the bans for these players are permanent, and players proven to have taken part in match-fixing will be permanently banned.” “As the […]