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Nintendo is ending production on Wii U consoles Friday, Nov. 4, several sources have told Eurogamer. That would mark the end of the oft-troubled console’s lifespan, which saw dramatically slowed sales over the course of its four years on the market. Eurogamer reports that the deadline for retailers to place orders for the console was Oct. 31; “a small number” were placed, sources say. Those will be the final new shipments sent to stores. Nintendo said it had shipped just under 13.5 million Wii U consoles by Sept. 30, the end of its most recent financial quarter. The company repeatedly cut its sales forecast for the console due to unimpressive numbers throughout its lifespan, especially in the last two years. In its latest earnings report, Wii U sales posted a 53 percent year-over-year decrease. Anticipation for the Wii U’s successor, now known as Nintendo Switch, has run high since March 2015, which likely did […]

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Today, we went in search of more Pokemon (go figure, right?) We first went to the community center to go swimming, and then tried to take over the Team Valor gym that was there. We have been having a LOT of issues taking over other gyms – it either crashes and won’t let us into the gym, or we get the opponent’s pokemon down to 1 hp and it won’t let us do anything else. This has been VERY frustrating. Our pokemon are powerful enough to take the gyms, but the system just will not let us! We finally got over to the dam today, and of course, there were a TON of trainers there. That’s definitely the one thing that I like about this game – there are so many more people into catching pokemon and whatnot than I originally thought. We brought out bikes and decided to bike […]

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Hey guys! I figured it would be fun to do a daily log regarding my shenanigans in Pokemon Go! Hope you enjoy! I’ve condensed the first 5 days here – but after today, I’ll be doing a daily update to the log. Enjoy! Trainer’s Log – Day 1 Never thought in my lifetime that I would become a real life Pokemon trainer, but  here I am! I am starting out with Squirtle. There are a lot of grass types around here. I can’t figure out how to get shit from the Pokestops yet. Had a few pokemon appear in my car while driving, which scared the sh*t out of me.     Day 2 Paras was hanging out near the house, but ran off when I attempted to catch it. Don’t worry, you little shit, I’ll find you, and I’ll catch you! Joined a Team today – Team Mystic. Tried to […]

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Playing Pokémon Go this week has proven to be pretty difficult thanks to a wide array of issues.Starting right from the get-go, given the lack of clarity from developer Niantic as to when the game would actually launch across various regions. Players were left guessing and frantically reloading their news feed on Wednesday in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, the game was out in that part of the world. Fans then started downloading other region’s copies of the game in hopes that it would work and also transfer/save their data upon the U.S. release. Once the game officially launched for US gamers at 9PM EST, the servers got so overloaded that it was impossible for many people to try the game out. I was able to play for a total of five minutes before Pokémon Go started crashing or freezing on me, if it was able to get past the server issues at […]

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This press conference was ridiculous. Everyone online was doubting Sony had anything to compete against the upcoming Microsoft threat, and boy were they wrong. Sony opened up the show with an Orchestra performance led by God of War composer! This led into the gameplay footage for PS4 God of War. With the ball rolling Sony did not let up. Next they brought out video of new IP “Days Gone,” and followed it up with a release date for Last Guardian! That date is October 25, 2016 FYI!! Next they went to another Sony IP. Horizon Zero Dawn. The new gameplay footage was amazing. Hacking robot bulls, giant mech giraffes, and the amazing tools at your disposal in your arsenal makes this amazing. Next up was Life is Strange creators QuanticDreams, with their new IP “Detroit.” If you like Life is Strange, then it looks like you are going to want […]

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Returning to Ubisoft Press Conference is the beautiful and talented Aisha Tyler. As far as hosts go, she is fantastic and top tier. The conference itself was good. Lots of games, and a few new details that were not released prior to the show. The pacing was good and everyone seemed genuinely excited about their products. Overall the Conference’s theme is Open World Multiplayer and they stuck to. I give the presentation a A-. I would love to give more, but there was nothing really new that we didn’t know was coming from Ubisoft. No onwards to the games! You got the games you knew what was going to have. Just Dance, The Division, Ghost Recon, Watch Dogs, Trials, Grow Up, but a few gems hidden in there. The Division released not only one, but two expansions! Ghost Recon Wildlands looks like a multiplayer Metal Gear. Lots of variables and […]

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This year everyone was very excited for Microsofts press conference for Electronic Expo 2016. However this reviewer feels that the best he can give them is a solid B. It also puts a bad taste in gamers mouths and wallets as they tease both, Xbox One S, and the Xbox Two (Scorpio). This years showcase gave the complete degradation of its own IP. Why? Well for starters here is a short list: There are no console exclusive games- All games they are releasing are Both Windows and Xbox. Releasing a new Xbox System, while also announcing the replacement. Releasing peripherals that were stated to be completely customizable without buying new equipment. No need to buy a console. The outline point for the press conference was, Windows, Windows, Windows. This seemed more like a Windows presentation than a console one. All of the games released were exclusives of the Windows Family, […]

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Today we added a whole slew of new shows to the 2016 and 2017 roster! Some of the new shows we added to our line up are Rooster Teeth Expo and Jampcon! For a full list click here… Burn Noticea Veteran gamer of over 25 years. Non-Competitive. Grew up all over the country in a military family. Along the way learned that video games and sports were my outlets. After creating A&G Ohio (now A&G Con) and distancing myself from undesirables, NGA was created alongside of Javier Guevara. After years of touring the country with my extended family I find myself spending a majority of my time either on the road, fixing vehicles, consoles, or handling business deals. Helped NGA Inc. form in 2012 into a non profit organization and consumed A&G, NerdPow!, and Cutie Mark Con in 2013. In 2014 I have been focusing a lot of energy into […]

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Disney Infinity is an action-adventure sandbox video game developed by Avalanche Software and published by Disney Interactive Studios. It’s one of a million different Amiibo or Skylanders clones that’s come out and taken over shelves at your local game section, and I’ll admit I’m a little skeptical of the entire genre of obnoxious, scalper-ridden figurine games. I’ve never been fond of games that require me to keep pouring out money to access features I theoretically already bought when I got the disk in the first place, and I definitely didn’t think I needed another set of cheap plastic things to lose. “My pop vinyl collection has me covered, thank you very much.” I would say to myself as I routinely passed by the ever expanding shelf of competing plastic crap. Well, one bad week, a sale, and a tax return later, and there I was traipsing into the house with […]

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Valve Issues Life Bans to Players Involved in Fixing Game’s Matches in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Nearly a year after a notorious scandal, Valve has clarified their stance on the punishment for match-fixing in pro Counter-Strike from indefinite to Permanent. Teams like iBuyPower, and Team Torqued—whose members were found to have participated in a major match-fixing conspiracy in early 2015, rendering their name retroactively hilarious—languishing in “indefinite” time-out, Valve finally handed down a definitive verdict. In short, if anyone has been found guilty of match-fixing or is found guilty in the future, they’re out. Forever. Valve wrote: “Back in January and early February 2015 we took action after we discovered that a small number of professional CS:GO players were engaged in match-fixing. Our decision was to ban these players indefinitely from involvement in Valve-sponsored events. To clarify, the bans for these players are permanent, and players proven to have taken part in match-fixing will be permanently banned.” “As the […]