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Today is the day where Microsoft asks the world for a do-over. Let’s get this straight, this is not a patch! This a complete system revamp! Sluggish sales,¬†sloppy interface, and a dwindling list of exclusive titles has led up to the newest update for Xbox One. A very large patch, coming in a 1.2 GB! Xbox interviews all point to one thing, which is that this is the operating system they wanted to do from the start, but failed to do so. Many of us remember the rantings from Microsoft at E3 years ago. When gamers were promised these things from the start, and instead we received a Beta system. Well today is your day Microsoft fans. Included in the 1.2 GB complete system revamp is the new interface that is said to be much “snappier and responsive” for gamers. You also will have your first few titles of the […]