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Today is the day where Microsoft asks the world for a do-over. Let’s get this straight, this is not a patch! This a complete system revamp! Sluggish sales, sloppy interface, and a dwindling list of exclusive titles has led up to the newest update for Xbox One. A very large patch, coming in a 1.2 GB! Xbox interviews all point to one thing, which is that this is the operating system they wanted to do from the start, but failed to do so. Many of us remember the rantings from Microsoft at E3 years ago. When gamers were promised these things from the start, and instead we received a Beta system. Well today is your day Microsoft fans. Included in the 1.2 GB complete system revamp is the new interface that is said to be much “snappier and responsive” for gamers. You also will have your first few titles of the […]

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After the two hour premiere opening of Heroes Reborn, it continues to keep the ball rounding with their third episode, “Under the Mask”. So, how did it go…you tell me: Noah is still trying to piece everything together which leads him to the hospital where he’s not greeted very warmly. It is, then, made realized that he had a hostile confrontation in the hospital where Claire was committed. After taking a look at the security footage, Noah came to the realization that Hiro Nakamura was with him and may have some answers to his questions. He later meets up with Molly Walker who isn’t too happy to see him which resulted in her being sent off to Renautas where it’s discovered what she was being used for: the focal point of E.P.I.C. so they can track and hunt down Evos all over the world – anywhere and anytime. This is good news. […]

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After five years of abandoning the faithful viewers with a promising cliffhanger, the critically acclaimed science fiction series, Heroes, makes it glorious comeback in a much needed spinoff, Heroes Reborn. Heroes Reborn is described as a 13-episode “event miniseries’ that picks up a year after the events of a terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas during the Odessa Peace Summit, a peaceful gathering between humans and evolved humans, now called Evos. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, this tragic event became the catalyst for the numerous events that shapes the stories of this new cast. It’s safe to say, the writers are getting back to their roots with this series. So, let’s dive right in: The two-part episode starts off with the death of a former Hero, Claire Bennet dubbed “The Cheerleader”, which was baffling to me since her power made it nearly impossible for her to die. As you can imagine, this put a […]

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Platform(s): WiiU Developer(s): Nintendo EAD Group No. 2 Publisher(s): Nintendo Genre: Level Editor/Platform Beginning in the Fall of 1985, what started as a humble platform game starring an Italian plumber  has become the official mascot of Nintendo. After 30 years of running, jumping and continuously saving Princess Peach, Mario continue to charm the Nintendo console by creating enchanting levels and memorable characters that can be adored by everybody. And, as of September 11, 2015, Nintendo added another installment to the franchise: Super Mario Maker. Have you ever played a Mario game and had a desired to create your own level? Well, in this installment, you are finally able to create your own level from scratch. From the background paper to the placement of coins to the very mechanism of platforms and enemies, Super Mario Maker presents inspiring level designers with the tools and instructions on creating their ideal level to broadcast […]

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NGA will be hosting the Starship Horizons Bridge Simulator Experience by Starship Horizons is mission based game, with five person teams in the roles of Captain, Flight, Tactical, Sciences, and Communications.Each Simulator is equipped with a 96″ (7ft wide) main view screen, 23″ touch screen monitors, and DMX lighting. Sessions last one hour, there is a short training video and staff will be on hand to answer any questions players have.   Burn Noticea Veteran gamer of over 25 years. Non-Competitive. Grew up all over the country in a military family. Along the way learned that video games and sports were my outlets. After creating A&G Ohio (now A&G Con) and distancing myself from undesirables, NGA was created alongside of Javier Guevara. After years of touring the country with my extended family I find myself spending a majority of my time either on the road, fixing vehicles, consoles, or handling […]