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Sales numbers are in as well. Both Sony and Microsoft has reported in with the first 24 hour numbers and both reached the 1 MILLION SOLD club! But before everyone starts riding one horse or another there is a MAJOR difference in numbers. Sony's PS4 launched only in 2 COUNTRIES compared to Microsoft's Xbox One that launched in 13 COUNTRIES!! So what does the future hold? We here believe that Sony has the edge in the sales race and from all the reports the Nintendo Wii U won the “least Defect” race with PS4 in second and Microsoft with the most defects reported so far. There still is much to discuss and much more gaming news to come, so stay tuned best custom essay service How many users have made right decision? Cheap viagra prices? Sixty-three percent, 74%, and 82% of the patients on 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 […]

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What a wild ride 2013 has been. We added 5 more shows to the existing (and sometimes strenuous) line-up. This year made our reach all the way from ALL 4 CORNERS of the United States! argumentative research essay We can not forget though that one of our favorite shows is yet to come! Holiday Matsuri! Join us in December at the Embassy Suites in Sunny Orlando, FL! zp8497586rq Burn Noticea Veteran gamer of over 25 years. Non-Competitive. Grew up all over the country in a military family. Along the way learned that video games and sports were my outlets. After creating A&G Ohio (now A&G Con) and distancing myself from undesirables, NGA was created alongside of Javier Guevara. After years of touring the country with my extended family I find myself spending a majority of my time either on the road, fixing vehicles, consoles, or handling business deals. Helped NGA […]